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GUMBOY CRAZY FEATURES (special edition – freeware)

The environment of this special edition let you to prove and train most of game elements and situations contained in GUMBOY CRAZY ADVENTURES.  We crammed the most of special items and treasures into one level in order to enable the player to experiment and to achieve basic skills necessary to be able to play the more extensive game GUMBOY. This “training camp” does not contain the final gate – its only purpose is fun, relax and player’s training. To make the game fancy, we included the option of a time-trial with the aim of the highest score.

Unrivalled Gameplay and Pure Entertainment
GUMBOY uses its extraordinary rubbery characteristics – rolling, bouncing, jumping, flying and floating, which in connection with the simple controls brings you loads of fun. And even more when you realise that GUMBOY changes its size, shape and material! It joins the game in the form of a sphere, cube or star. It will be filled with rubber, air or water…
Other tasks, worlds and adventures
Has the game GUMBOY: CRAZY FEATURES attracted you? Have you enjoyed the simulation of physical properties? Would you like discover the GUMBOY’s behaviour in more difficult environments and how could the mixture of physics and logical rebuses look like?  Then, we would like to offer you our game GUMBOY CRAZY ADVENTURES that will bring you 40 levels in 6 different worlds. You will set off on a night trip through a magic forest, you will visit a world of beans, a meadow world and even large caves. You will meet characters you probably know from fairy tales, who guard the secrets of the worlds. And if you meet their wishes, you will reach the end of the adventure.
The concept of the GUMBOY game offers wide possibilities of expansion, so, you can look forward to new environments and game elements. We believe you have been hit by the magic of the game as our team was. We are looking forward to your comments and ideas and we hope that this site will constitute a friendly and strong players’ community.
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